The idea for gochecksec came about from me not wanting to have to spin up a Python virtual environment, to be able to install pwntools every time I wanted to inspect a binary file security flags that it has been complied with.

Why use Golang

As I have wanted to learn more of how to code in another programming language other than Python and it fit the requirements I had in mind, which is to be able to support arm64 not just amd64 on linux and make it be a binary that has everything complied in. Not to mention Golang is the closest in terms of coding in Python/Bash which I already know.


Here is 2 screenshots showing Gochecksec comparing it to Checksec from pwntools


Now this is the output from pwntools checksec


Installing Gochecksec

To download the package for your OS, you can find the link to download it here